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Spots on Trim.. Help.. suggestions Plz

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Ok so when i used the 3m adhesive remover on my bow tie yesterday I must of gotten some on my tailgate handle (even though I was spraying it onto a cloth) it looks as if the spray splashed on the trim and left spots/marks.. I tried cleaning it off with soap/water... Then I tried a protector wipe (used for plastics/leather/vinyl). It made it lighter but u can still see it (most likely it’s lighter because the protector making it shinny). I also noticed some of the spots on the bumper plastics (really just on the license plate lights).

Any ideas? I know it’s really not much but i am really anal about things like this... lol especially if it’s on my truck. :grrrrrr:
Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle door Vehicle Car
Automotive exterior Vehicle door Car Vehicle Bumper
hopefully u can see it in these SMALL A$$ pics


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Sorry, but I think you going to have to paint or replace the handles. That 3M remover doesn't like plastic.
I can't honestly say, I've never used those products.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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