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I know that there are hundreds maybe thousands of posts regarding this topic and I swear at this point I've read 80% of them if not all of them... still no solution.

I recently purchased a 2007 Silverado 1500 5.3L Crew

Purchased with the check engine light on and code p0335 (crankshaft position circuit A)
Drove two hours home no issues.

We went to try and repair the code and started by replacing the crank and cam sensors.
We also decided to take a look at the timing chain and upon opening discovered that the tensioner had snapped and was in pieces and the chain was barely on (truck ran so well never would have known without opening) We replaced that too.

Just as a fail-safe we also replaced all the plugs and wires.

Going for a drive the stabilitrak/traction control/check engine light all come on with symptoms:
-Rough shifting going from 1st to 2nd gear
-Random engine shut off typically at idle (would start back up after re-cranking)
-Code P0335 still there

We did some further testing and found low fuel psi (25psi) so we ended up replacing the pump.

We also did our best to check grounds and wiring, although old looked to be fine.

We replaced other minor parts and at this point we are over $1,000 in new parts alone. The issue still remains.

What is really stumping us is that the codes are somewhat random. Sometimes we can drive for 3 hours no issues and others 5 minutes and all codes come on.

Really don't want to spend more money replacing parts on just a guess, any input of feedback would be much appreciated.

Other related or maybe nonrelated things I've noticed:
-Code read p0335
-Rough shifting from 1st up to 2nd gear
-Engine runs rough or will shut off at idle (has shut off while driving as well about 45mph)
-A/C seems to not function correctly sometimes when lights come on
-RPM guage will stop working when the lights come on and if it remains on the rmps act weird not as they should
-Lights/display on radio will flash brighter sometimes before codes come on (only happened twice that I noticed)

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when you installed sensors did you do a relearn with a scan tool, like all computers , you can't add a part without telling computer to find it and use it.
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