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Alright so having an issues with my 2007 silverado Z71
I was in bad traffic on the interstate and was stopping and starting and just creeping along. Well I took off one time and got to about 1500 Rpms and the whole truck jolted pretty bad, then my engine light came on and it said service stabilitrak and traction control. Now every time I take off slow from say a red light. It will jolt the truck. It's got 115k miles on it

My truck has some aftermarket things done

Flowmaster exaust
Spectre cold air intake.
20" rims & big tires

Please help me figure out what to do!
Did you try and disable Stabilitrak and traction control? I'm not sure about the 2007 models, but on my 2013 you hold the TC button for ~10 seconds.
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