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I've searched and got nothing (all over the web).

She's not throwing any codes either, I used the paperclip method.

Here is what I have done so far to her:

1. Optima yellow top battery
2. new fuel pump/sending unit-reads 11psi after the filter
3. rebuilt TBI with all new gaskets, including fuel regulator diaphram
4. replaced IAC
5. replaced CTS
6. replaced pcv
7. replaced distributor assembly (MSD HEI)
8. replaced wires (MSD 8mm)
9. replaced/gapped plugs .35
10. set timing to 0 (with wire unplugged)
11. plugged timing wire back in and disconnected battery for 20 minutes

So, even after all that, it's no longer idling very well and when you put it in gear it shuts off.

It will stay on if you keep pressure on the gas pedal. But if you double foot it and put it in gear, it still stalls.

I'm stumped.

(I've learned tons from here and other sites and this is my first foray into fixing my own vehicle.)

Thanks in advance.
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