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Standard transmission for 89 1/2 ton 4x4 Sbn

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My 1989 4x4 5.7 TBI currently sports the ubiquitous 700R4 tmission. It has never given me any real problem, but I'd like to travel in my vehicle, and I just don't really trust the 700R4 at 180,000 miles. I'd like to convert to a standard transmission, and am looking to find a suitable standard transmission.

Compound low is really not necessary in my application, since the xfer case would provide crawl speed low if necessary. Can anyone say what should be readily available that will somewhat fit? Has anyone else done same?

I've seen new 5 speeds with 1:1 top gear, and new 6 speeds with overdriven top gear, very pricey.

Thanks in advance for any insight.
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I got the original 700r in my Burb with 190K and tow a boat 300 days a year, doesn't skip a beat.
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