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ok so if the car is started it is fine till it starts to idle and then it dies. the truck just refuses to idle no matter how long it is used. i've heard that vacuum lines could be clogged so i think ill try using sea foam to clear them out. could sea foam clean out my vacuum lines? and how do i do it?
Sea foam isn't going to fix a clogged vac line. According to this last post, i'm under the assumption that it will continue running if you keep your foot on the gas pedal. When you let off so it runs by itself, it dies. Is this correct? If it is the case then fuel pressure/flow isn't your problem. I need a bit more info on the exact specifics of the problem before making a recommendation. Is the "check wallet" light lit up? will it idle with tha A/C on or does it die sooner? Please post as much specific information on what's going on when it dies so we can figure it out.
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