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starter problems

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I have a 95 k1500 with starter problems. It started out as breaking the outside bolt all the time. We drilled all the way through the block and nutted both sides. It held for a couple years. A few months ago it broke the inside bolt. Replaced it with a new one. Now I'm having problems with them staying tight. The past few days they've been tight but somehow the starter is coming out of place just enough I have to loosen the bolts pull down on it as far as I can tighten them back up then start it. All it does when I try to start it now is grind. I'm guessing the teeth are worn and I need a new starter but I think there's another problem underlying somewhere. Thanks for any help.
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While you have the starter off check the teeth on the flywheel. Generally the steel on the bendix gear of the starter are softer so they are what wears out before the flywheel ring gear but it still can get worn. Also if you go to buy a new starter make sure to pay a little bit more and get a lifetime warranty one. That way if it happens again you won't have to pay for one again. Ive got an old ford dump truck that Ive had to replace the starter 3 times for the same thing your going through but on a ford there are no place for shims or room for adjustment.

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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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