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starter problems

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I have a 95 k1500 with starter problems. It started out as breaking the outside bolt all the time. We drilled all the way through the block and nutted both sides. It held for a couple years. A few months ago it broke the inside bolt. Replaced it with a new one. Now I'm having problems with them staying tight. The past few days they've been tight but somehow the starter is coming out of place just enough I have to loosen the bolts pull down on it as far as I can tighten them back up then start it. All it does when I try to start it now is grind. I'm guessing the teeth are worn and I need a new starter but I think there's another problem underlying somewhere. Thanks for any help.
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To stop the bolts and nuts from loosening again I would get some nyloc nuts and some lock washers.
Pikey, I was just wondering how well nyloc stands up to heat? Do they just melt in? Don't know, in any case
a proper red neck girl should have some red Loctite sitting around that might save a trip for the new nuts
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