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Starting problem??? [Expired Topic]

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My 93 Burb will not start
It is making a solenoid clicking sound and my gauges go wild when I turn the key.
My Battery has been load tested and is good.
I replaced my starter twice, thinking the first replacement was bad.
I bypassed the ignition switch with my remote starter button hooked up direct from battery to solenoid and still same clicking sound.
What should I do/check next?
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RE: Starting problem???

Wack it with a hammer. the selonoid.

If you try the starter and it works, it's the selonoid.
RE: Starting problem???

Check the Battery cables for corrosion at the ends, check for internal resistance in the cables with a VOM. check also for poor grounds from the engine to the chassis.

If you've replaced the STARTER twice, the battery has been tested good and it's still driving the gauges whacky, then you've got a cable problem.

Disconnect all cable(one at a time), wire brush the ends,look for corrosion on the wires, coat with Di-electric grease or Vaseline and re-install. Do this WITH ALL of the battery cables, the alternator feed wire, and the chassis/engine grounds.


I had a similar problem. It turned out that when the battery was installed the cables were over-tightened. This caused the battery post to come lose after a couple of months of vibration. I've heard this is a common problem with batteries with top post. If yours has side posts it may be something else.

Ditto! Check those engine / chassis ground cables. I just looked under the hood of my 93 and the only ground was between the battery and the engine block. I bought it used, and the previous owner had the engine rebuilt. Looks like I will be adding some ground straps.

You didn't mention if it would start with extra battery capacity. (Jump starting) I have an amp probe that will let me measure the amp load of the starter. If you don't have access to one, some auto parts stores will load test your starter in the vehicle, and any garage can perform the test for you as well. Higher than normal amp load during starting is caused by a number of things. Bad starter or solenoid, bad battery cables/connections, and defective battery are common culprits.

Also, side post terminals can provide a questionable connection in the presence of corrosion or loose terminals. Consider replacing the battery cables with top post models if you have that option, otherwise new side post cables would be a good investment.
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