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Steering problems in a 1998 Tahoe

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Slipping in a curve?

I'm just wondering if there is anyone on this message board that ever had a problem with the steering for this year Tahoe.

When I am going around a curve it feels like I loose steering for a couple seconds. Like it slips. It's not a comfortable feeling.

I called on a recall but Chevy said there wasn't any for something like this. Has anyone else experienced this?
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If its what I think you're thinking, my 96 has done this since I bought it around some curves at highway speeds, but more like the tires are sliding sideways slightly with each bump. I don't know what it is, but I've never lost control and my tires have a LOT of tread left.
It could be couple of different things. I have read about this recently and it could something that's otherwise harmless, and maybe something that needs to be tightened up in the steering wheel. I'll do some research and get back to you.
i had a speed sensor that went out on my97 'hoe, that caused something like what you are describing, the sensor was like 50 bucks and labor was like 250, the mechanic had to remove your colum to get it in.
Have The Same Issue With Mine...and

Okay guys, I have the same problem. Feels like the right side of my truck is going to slip out from under me. *1998 Chevy Tahoe LT 5.7 Vortec-4dr.*
Every shop tells me it's nothing...well, it HAS to be something cuz out of all the trucks, lowered custom to high 5 four x trucks I've owned nothing like this has happened.
I've had the pitman arm and control arms replaced, the thing aligned more than tires, wheels too......still does it. It will do it also when I make a full turn, like say into a parking space. The truck feels like it's skipping or slipping on something and it immediately goes away when you begin to straighten out the wheel.

My other problem is this..maybe you can help. I noticed at the control arms *especially the passenger side, there is a bushing (upper?) and the dealer here tells me they only replace the lower (?)
My upper bushing is broken in pieces on the passenger side, the drivers is severely heat/wear cracked and damaged. Has anyone heard of a dealer only replacing the bottoms? Am I not calling it as I see it or is there another name for the upper bushing?
Please give a girl a helping hand...........
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Steering problem figured out yet?

Peter K, I know the problem and am trying to figure it out to.

When you hold the wheel for a gradual curve it feels like you hit an ice patch. The steering wheel actually turns about a 1/4 turn but the tires remain in the same direction.

I have been told it is a sensor in the steering wheel by one person and another mentioned gears in steering box?

Not sure what to believe and don't want to pay for it to find that one was not the case. Any help would be great!
new to this site but on my 4th tahoe. 95-97-00-05. had that problem with my 97 and dealer id'd it thru the computer hook up. if i rmember correctly it had to do with variable power assist steering and they replaced a sensor. definitley showed on the hook-up though. hope this helps.
New to this site. I also have a 1998 tahoe with the same slipping problem. What I am not seeing here is any rememdy to the problem. What is causing this? Is Chevrolet aware of the problem?
The sensor they are talking about is steering wheel position sensor at the bottom of the steering column. The part # is 26081626 for light duty truck or #26064468 for HD trucks. GM bulliten#07-02-32-001
Just bought one 2 day as we speak..noticed it & i thought it was a wheel allignment...imma try da sensor thing
I see its been a year since u alls posting....can any body tell me anything
:neutral:I have a 2000 Chevy Tahoe Z71 classic. I have the same problem. It feels like you hit a small patch of ice. A friend of mine gave me a set of 17" tires and wheels off of his 2003 Avalanche and I have not felt it do it since. It might be because it is a 265/70/17, and mine was 265/75/16. a little bit wider my be the trick. I just put on a new set of 265/75/16 , and I will let you know if it does it again.
Hey, my 99 Tahoe w/ 138K on it had the same issue with the steering 3 months ago. A good alignment shop diagnosed the steering speed sensor, $200 total part and labor and my truck was fixed in a little over an hour and a half.:great:
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