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Steering wheel options

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Just wondering if anyone might know about the options that are or are not on a truck.

I want to add a steering wheel to my Silverado that has the audio / radio controls. From the factory, mine didn't have the option. I was going to buy one and have it installed but the only concern is if the pig tail is on my truck to plug into the steering wheel so the controls will actually work.

I know that wiring harnesses and other things are usually standard.... its the OPTION (steering wheel in this case) that is different.

Does anyone know?

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all depends on your truck, ive been told that the 07 and up have a plug and play feature. how ever such the case like mine the 03-06 has to have a different harness. its called a clock spring harness, and has to come from a truck that had steering wheel controls! after the harnes is installed there are a series of computer flashes that have to take place in order for the computer to know its there. that usually is dealer thing unless your really good with computers! and have a tech two.
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