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Steering Wheel Stereo Remote

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Hey everyone I have a few questions for you guys. I have a 2008 Silverado 1500 that did not come with the steering wheel controls. I have an aftermarket Kenwood stereo, does anyone know if the truck should be wired already for the remote. I am thinking that maybe the wiring is already there, since I know that some things are there but it just depends on the features that the particular vehicle is going to be equipped with? I am hoping that I can just get the controls and hook them up along with the stereo interface wiring to convert to my deck. Hopefully this makes sense, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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It is possible, however you will have to obtain the correct parts and disassemble the steering wheel to install the controls. I know of one person here who has done it but can't find it in the forum. You will also have to wire yourself. Wiring is not already there.
I doubt that this has changed, but GM doesn't offer the wiring alone. You can buy the control pod, but you cannot purchase the necessary wiring harness. You will have to buy a completely new wheel from ebay or the like. Once you buy the new wheel with audio controls, its simply plug and play. There is like a 20 + page discussion on this topic on
Go to kenwoods actual site, you can still buy the actual kenwood steering wheel controls, they dont advertise them much as most cars come with them and you can buy interfaces now. It will end up being much cheaper in the long run and less of a hassle. Or just get a kenwood remote, they are all universal for kenwood so you can even use one of the old school credit card remotes on a new deck.
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