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Stereo replacements [Expired Topic]

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Anybody thought of a good use for that spot left in the bottom of the dash after you take out the remote cd player?

I replaced my head unit that had the remote cd player to put in a dvd player and an lcd tv but now there is a hole in the dash. Its to small to fill with another audio component.
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There are some companies out there that make a "dash kit" for just about every make and model on the road. This kit will cover that hole up and make it look a bit better. Try typing that into google or ebay and see what you come up with. A good custom stereo shop should be able to get one for you as well.
Found a little "pocket" yesterday in the CK Resto catalog to fill this hole, should be just big enough for my cell phone and PDA. $13.95 and it comes with rails that slide right into the remote cd slot.
Great idea. Will give you a little bit more room to stick stuff when driving down the road. I would love something like that in the TrailBlazer. After I get my wallet out when going through a drive-through, I have to stick the wallet in a drink-holder bin. Would love to have a little cubby-hole to stick it in until I get out and am not sitting on my pockets again.
Yeah the extra spot is handy but in my 'burban there are pokets on the inside of the doors. But I dont have any cup holders so I often resort putting my cup in there and hold it with my left hand or put my left leg there so it doesn't fall.

If I had the hole I'd buy a CB so I can communicate with friends, but thats just my group of friends.
Wow... CB? I didn't know anyone still used those! You guys should come over to amateur radio where you can chat across the state with a handheld! LOL!

The test isn't difficult, and you don't have to know any code.
How about one of the new backup camera/rear-view lcd?
That would be great. The prices are coming down on those units and the safety feature would be great.
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