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I'm putting a nice new dvd/cd player in my 1990 r1500 Chevy Suburban. Right now the wiring looks like a hack job. A Sony XR-2500 cassette stereo was put in as an upgrade. I need help with the wiring- ground, power, and speakers.

The wiring harness from the truck looks like this:

Black Grey Light Green Tan Black Blue w/ stripe
Yellow Dark Green Grey Yellow Blue w/ stripe

Another tab:

Brown Orange

The center dash speaker was also removed and I can't find the wires. Any help or photos would be very helpful.

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from the pictures you showed, it looks like all the facotyr wires are there, in those 3 different connectors. It appears that you have either already attached the aftermarket harness adapter to the tabs, or that's an old one from a previous aftermarket stereo that was installed. For anything except one of those uber-fancy dvd players with navigation and such in it, that should be everything you need. For those fancy systems, getting the wires you need will be a bit of legwork, like the parking brake pedal wire so that the dvd palyer can verify that you are stopped. That wire can be obtained off the parking brake pedal switch (duh) on the switchede side. A second way you can pull this off is by wiring up this wire to a manual switch that is attached to a ground point on the other side. This method of fooling the DVD player into thinking the parking brake is engaged is ILLEGAL if I'm not mistaken, but it's a workaround for a couple different reasons. The speed sensor wire, if the unit is so equipped has to go somewhere else, I want to say tapped into the sppedo wiring harness comming off the tranny if I'm not mistaken, however, I could be. CHECK YOUR MANUAL... Ok, enough rnating. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, ask away and I should be able to help...
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