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Sticking rear brake shoes-

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Overheating rear brake shoes- suburban

My brakes have been making a lot of noise recently and when I pulled the left rear drum off I noticed the shoes were cracked and worn unevenly. I had a shop do the shoes several months ago which included a lifetime warranty. They inspected, replaced the shoes and hardware and said I was good to go.
Almost immediately we noticed there was still some noise and confirmed that the shoe is sticking on that side (generating quite a bit of heat). Took it back to the shop, they did another inspection and said they couldn't tell what it was for sure and that it would take up to 2 hours of digging into it to determine what the problem might be.
My question to them was what else could it be besides the wheel cylinders? The manager responded it could be one of many different issues in the hydraulic system.
Well I'm not going to give them the OK to fish around for a couple of hours to tell me what is wrong.
I'm thinking I start with replacing the wheel cylinders (though they appear to be working OK).

Any ideas on what else it could be?
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Hardware is new you said, that should be obvious as it should look new, lubed and freely moving.
Wheel cylinders can stick, rubber brake hoses also collapse internally and cause brakes to drag and not fully release. Bad hose is a guess after everything else is checked or replaced. No easy way to tell on a hose until it's changed out. Hose doesn't happen often but it happens.
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