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Still Leaking!?!?!

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I've had just about enough of the cooling system on my 95 suburban. I replaced the radiator around a month ago and did the thermostat a few weeks after that. The other day I parked it and i noticed it was leaking coolant just in front of the front left tire. I did put too much coolant in the tank although I doubt this would have to do with that. Any ideas as to where it would be leaking from? If the new radiator is leaking, I'm just going to snap. :grrrrrr:
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Loose radiator hose clamp at the engine?

Bad hose? I’m sure you had to flex it and move it to put the radiator in.
what was the condition on the hoses? rule is to replace all rubber under the hood every 3-4 years or at the time of part replacement. i would say it is a loose clamp or bad hose or maybe the raditor drain was or is not tight? it can be a simple thing or a bad freeze plug? time to run the motor and look for the signs of leaks....mike
hoses looked good. I checked the drain plug because that was my suspicion as well. I couldn't make it any tighter without feeling like I was going to snap it off. Hose clamps are all tight but I don't think the hose is down far enough on the part where it goes into the engine. I ran it for a good 20 minutes today until it got up to the normal operating temperature and didn't see any sign of the leak. :neutral:
could the puddle have been from the fix? the fluid likes to hide in many places and will leak out sometimes days later...mike
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