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1975 Chevy C10 5.7L V8 2 barrel

I bought a carburetor on ebay (likely the source of the problem). the problem is it acts like it runs out of gas. If I hold the gas down half throttle for about 10 seconds it will die, and what I noticed is after that has happened, the accelerator pump doesn't squirt fuel when you move the throttle. It will start back up after it dies without the requirement of dumping gas down carb or anything like that. The engine will idle for as long as I leave it running, but if I give it juice or put it in any load, it dies, like it's running out of gas.

The mechanical fuel pump (on the engine block) works fine; I replaced it and I've tested it.
I have an electric pump and running the electric pump while the engine is on doesn't change the end result (which is it dying)
The accelerator pump in carb works fine.

My guess of an assessment is I need to rebuild the ebay carb? From my limited knowledge on the subject, I think the float is stuck or sticking somehow? Any ideas/suggestions/solutions would be greatly appreciated. Also are there 2 barrel----> 4 barrel conversions? I don't want to do that on this engine but I'm just curious.
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