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Stuff on eBay [Expired Topic]

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I couldn't believe all the stuff for suburbans on eBay. No, seriously, I had typed in something like a specific type of cell phone and I get around 50 entries. Type in a type of vaccum cleaner and it's up to maybe 100.

Type in Suburban, and you're in for a 5 figure list of products that you can purchase for just about any year, engine, transmission or trim that you can find.

So, the morale of the story? Go to eBay if you need something for your Suburban!;ftrt=1&ftrv=1&saprclo=&saprchi=
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I know everyone loves ebay, but I'm not real comfortable with buying from them. I like to be able to see and touch things before I buy. Just not a real fan rhats all.
Yeah, normally I'm in the same boat as you are. I don't trust people if they're 1500 miles away and I'm sending them my money before I get my stuff, and they're not a company with a perm address where I can come hunt them down.

However, that being said, some of the stuff is like a window mechanism for a 2500 Suburban 1977 - 1991. I mean, it is what it is regardless of who's selling it, as long as it's not from a boneyard.
Of course, some guy could be parting out an old rig in his backyard and call himself "Jones' auto parts" and sell the stuff on eBay too.
I just bought my first Suburban on Ebay. It's a 95 2wd, 2500, 5.7 ltr, towing package(4L80E trans) 3.73 gears, air, ps,pb,pl, new tires and battery. body very good (little rust on barn doors) 64000 carfax checked miles. Got 16 1/2 mpg on the way home going 70+
Paid $4050 for it. Ebay can be a great thing you just have to be careful and pay attention to feedback. And don't get involved in a bidding war. I have seen a lot of people pay more for a used item than they could have bought new for less.
If somebody wants to pay $2 more than your willing to spend, let them have it. Another one will come along
I sold a vehicle on eBay once. The guy who bought it called me directly to see if we could work out a deal. Then eBay didn't like something that I had posted in my ad, so they cancelled it. So, I got free advertising and sold it without paying a fee!

Can't beat that!
Ebay is a great place but you have to be careful. If you go about it the right way and do the homework you will be fine. Of 300+ transactions I have been burned twice both for under $20 and was my own fault for rushing.
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