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"Ok so apparantly I didn't look good enough, I should have just added to a previously started thread instead of adding a new one... here is the one:

Hello gentlemen and gentle ladies...or something like that.
I'm new here again,'cause my old account wasn't working. Anyhow...

I'm looking for Ideas as to where I should install a subwoofer/s in my Ø6' Crew Cab...
I was thinking behind the rear seat, but not to much clearance, anyone have one there? I don't want to sacrafice the bottom of the rear seats due to travel w/the dogs and they're house's fit perfect along with luggage.
I was also thinking of getting my bed carpeted, installing a tonneau cover, and just throwing a sub box back there, maybe something custom, has anyone had this set up?

Thanks guys and gals.
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