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Suburban shakes on Highway

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I have a 2003 Chevy Suburban 2500 4x4 with 8.1lt engine .411 gearing, 110k miles. I have owned this truck for a while and have always had a little shake on the highway and at varying speeds over the years. It bothers me.

I just put new Nankang tires I got cheap from Walmart on and it's shaking more than my old, worn out Yokahama. I also powder coated the rims black, but I'm not sure if that is the problem or not. I have had it balanced twice and the last time it was one of the modern high speed balance machine only some tire places have. The balancer said I needed to change my steering arms and bushings. My mechanic said no. Wondering if I just bought bad tires or the newly powder coated, old custom 20" rims could be the problem??

I like the truck and the 454 engine, but I would like it to drive better on the highway. Up to 50 mph everything is fine, at 65 the cab, passenger seat and even a drink in the cup holder start shaking. The steering is a little lose but not bad for an old truck. No excessive shake in the steering wheel. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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So, I have seen mentioned in a few different posts to mark the driveline on these newer units so you don't get them in wrong. When did this become a thing? I have been out of the garage scene since 2001 and haven't owned one of these newer than my '99, so I'm in the dark on this. I have never had an issue with just sliding the shaft in however it would go in. If it was required to go a certain way, there was a keyway in the output shaft that matched the splines on the yoke. If it's so important to line it up exact, why didn't they use the keyway set up?
Ok, I'm following now. You're talking multiple piece drivelines. I wasn't thinking that direction because all my Suburbans have been one piece. Yes, I have always marked the slip joint on two piece drivelines.
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