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40% increase in hp is pretty kicka$$!! That should have you in the neighborhood of approx 308hp!!:great:
Kind of pricey but I suppose if they can guarantee around a 40% increase then it's worth it.
I'd say that's pretty significant for a smaller sized truck.
To put it in perspective you're power to weight ratio is 1hp:24lbs
with the blower on you'll be at 1hp:17lbs
Based on vehicles GVWR of 5300lbs

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Thats a lot of cash for horsepower. Magnusen is an industry leader in the forced induction world, they've been doing superchargers a long time. They also make components and parts for other supercharger manufacturers. If they guarantee a 40% gain then it's true.
Keep in mind when you use a supercharger your MPG will fall and you have to use Premium fuel, winter blend fuels also will play havoc with the performance and MPG even more. Maintenance increases a lot more, a good tune-up cost's a couple hundred bucks, to be done right it needs to be done on a Dyno, and about every 6k miles.
Turbo's on the other hand arent as picky about octane, they can run midgrade with no problems and arent as negatively affected by winter blend fuel. Maintenance and tune-ups arent as bad either, you can tune them well in the garage without a dyno.
The difference is where the two create power. Turbos, depending on boost setting begin spooling (creating boost) when the engine gets around 2k rpm +/- 200rpm and continue to peak rpm or engine destruction.
Superchargers create boost from the moment the engine begins running, they usually flatten out between 5k and 7k rpms depending on engine designs.
I have 3 forced induction trucks. 2 Supercharged, and 1 Turbo. For maintenance I love the turbocharged engine. The powerband is a bit quirky and takes some learning on how to use the throttle for best performance. But it was the most inexpensive set-up to build of the 3 and the least maintenance intensive.
Superchargers are great for a vehicle that needs max performance from the green light (like towing), no spool up to wait for.
If you not real mechanically inclined look at turbos. Cheaper set-up, lower octane required, better mpg, and less maintenance.
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