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My truck has 110,000 miles on it and my money pit, my dad lol, thinks that it would be stupid to put a supercharger on with that many miles. Is he right? he says its like rebuilding an engine and only doing the valves and not doing the rings. I dont get it, my dad is retarded. But he is the money pit, so i need to prove him wrong, can someone help me prove him wrong please lol.

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I agree with your Dad.
x2 especially since he's the bank
You guys arent helpin out very much. lol Why would it be dumb to do that? like if it is bad for it now then wouldnt it be bad for it when the engine is new? like either way more miles are gonna be on it eventually.
Your engine has 100,000 plus miles, its worn and you would be stressing the internal parts and most likely will get some blow-by with the worn piston rings. Even throwing in a cam with 100,000 miles is a little risky.
What if I rebuilt the engine and threw on the supercharger in the process?
Yep, thats the way to go. Then you can have your engine builder build it for a supercharger.
When you get old enough to be weaned you'll realize your dad was right.
Higher compression on a worn engine is a sure recipe for dissaster.
Rebuild the engine then put the Supercharger on.
why not just get a used motor form a scrap yard, around here 5.3 are going for 350 and 4.8s for are about 300, add your supercharger and you should always have a spare engine to rebuild while running the other
i have to agree with everyone else atleast rebuild or build up your motor then add the supercharger.... my motors only got 75k miles and im gonna build it up completely before putting any kind of boost aplication
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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