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First turbo I did was in the late 70's on a 76 Vette. Slogged on it all weekend because most everything had to be cobbled up from scratch. Garrett turbo, impco valve, custom exhaust. Got it all done on a late Sunday afternoon and made a few passes on street in front of the shop and it had a lean misfire. Back to the shop for a few more adjustments and then we had to take it out for another run. It's dark out now as I pull it out onto the street and nail the loud pedal. The turbo spooled up and the headlight buckets dip! I back off the throttle and the headlights pop back up. Undeterred, I mash the pedal again and the turbo'ed 350 races off into the darkness. Later I jury rigged a check valve for the vacuum operated headlights.

These days everything is in a pre-packaged kit with boost control, fuel management, etc. Well engineered stuff that works out of the box.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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