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tbplus10, what else did you do when you added the turbo to the toyota? My GTI gets 30 MPG turboed, and the guys I know that have turboed VR6's have gone up on mileage rather than down from the N/A days. Generally, it will require the premium fuel, but the only time it uses more fuel is in the high RPM range where the turbo is really blowing. Basically, with the way the engines run, at least in VW's, if you drive the same way as before, your mileage will actually improve when turboed.

Having said all this, on a big V8, I would go supercharger over turbo, because of better low-end effeciancy, and you don't notice the parasitic loss as much as you would on my mighty 1.8L.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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