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Suspension lift and Body Lift Combo?

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Hey guys what's up,
Wondering if anyone can help me solve my question.
Okay so I know what this combo is but I couldn't find wether of not it can be used for off-road purposes.
And also,
Are these custom built or does it come in a package?
I want to install in my 06 silverado z71. I'm thinking 4" suspension and the rest body? (1-2" for body)
I already have a 6" body lift but I would like to drop an inch or so if possible.
So any help on how to build one or if they are not meant for 4x4, that would be great!!
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I think some of us are having trouble understanding what your asking for. Your saying you know what this combo is. But we dont know what "combo" your talking about. Or are you asking if a manufacturer makes a combo body and suspension lift?? If that is what your asking I think the lifts (body and suspension) are usually seperate packages but you might have to do some research by manufacturer to find what your looking for. If you do a lot of off-roading I guess I can see your purpose for a suspension upgrade but I dont think you will gain any advantages and justifying cost if you lower your body and raise back up with your suspension.
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