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Suspension lift Question

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I have a 04 Colorado 4x4 Z71 and I had a local guy in my area price a lift kit for my truck. He told me it would be roughly 2000.00 for a skyjacker 4" lift kit then another 1000.00 for labor..Is this normal or is he trying to rip me off...Let me know.,,

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I would say he is trying to rip you off! My boyfriend just bought a 5" CST lift for his Colorado and he paid $1,200 out the door, that included the two rear shocks. He is doing it himself but still, that guy you talked to is majorley trying to scam you, everything in our kit bolts on with the exception of having to do some welding to the carrier bearing! Tell that guy that he's full of s***, and If I could I would come over and put that lift on for $1,000! Check around some more, that is outrageous!!!!:grrrrrr:
Shop around. I paid about $2700 for the 6" Tuff Country lift w/shocks and that was installed on a 2500HD.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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