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Suspension Settling

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Just installed a Readylift 2.25 level kit. Back is around 3/4 inch lower now. How long does it take for the front suspension to settle and how much should I expect?

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Every trucks alittle differant. I'd drive it a few days ( at least 100 miles) and then remeasure the truck.
I wouldn't have thought it's going to "settle", isn't it just a spacer? I think "settling" applies to when you actually change or adjust the springs for example, adjusting torsion bars or adding lowering springs. If you want it level you're probably going to have to raise the rear.
If you have the Ready Lift 2.25" that uses the both the disc type spacer on top and the U or clip type spacer that mounts to the bottom of the shock, then you could also get pretty close to level if you remove the bottom spacer, as I think that it adds about 1/2" lift to the leveling kit.
If jjcrow measured the truck right after install, before driving than it will settle some after driving because he had the trucks weight off the springs to install the spacer kit.
I added a readylift block kit to the rear,like Adam said i doubt that your truck will settle at all.
Hope I explained that right.
Thanks but even more confused.

Thanks for the input. I am totally stumped here. I like the front height, just not the rear now. If I could just get the rear end up 1 inch, i'd be happy. Also, when I hooked up my camper, the sag was really obvious. Really only towing a couple times a month during the summer. So, I am just not sure where the happy medium and (cheapest) resides.

My options are
1) Remove lower shim from the Readylift level
2) Rear Blocks
3) Air Bags
4) AAL
5) Helper/Super Springs

I ultimately want to put GY Duratrac 295/65 R18's on. Will that help to neutralize the appearance of front end high vs rear end?
Sorry for all the questions, reading through all these forums hasnt gotten me any closer to a solution. ???? I welcome all these inputs, the more the better.
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The rear block increase is cheap. the AAL will add about the hieght you need as well as prevent some of the sag when towing. I like the airbags (i have the firestones), but you wont want to use those to level the truck an inch because it will ride rough when unloaded, you will get a little height out of 10 psi in the bags but not enough to level. my suggestion is try the AAL and see how close it gets and how it does when towing (will add some stiffness to the ride). I know you said you only do a couple tows a month in the summer but if you do heavy towing then I would change my suggestion to a new rear block and airbags (it would keep the unloaded ride a little softer) or the aal and airbags (firmer ride). Depends on your likes. I actually like the ride to be stiffer but I'm weird (I have 5" blocks, AAL and airbags on my truck)
You really have two different things going on here (level and sag).

Level rear (and I definitely understand not wanting to lower the front..I feel the same!) cross out #1.

If you add rear blocks to level, you'll still probably get the sag when having weight in the bed or towing...not sure that will take care of both your needs.

Air bags...not sure if people use them for everyday leveling (not saying that they don't but I just haven't heard of it); however probably your best solution if you can use them to level, but will be more on the pricey side

AAL and SuperSprings will help level and the sag...just not sure how much though. I guess it depends on the strength of the spring and the weight of the load.

Anyway, my opinions are based on my limited experience...I know you have the real experts' attention on this thread, so I'll be interested in seeing what they say as well....You've got some great questions.....
Simple answer to your ?.Take the 1" stock block out and add a 2.25" block like i did.Look at my pics in my album,I've got a slight 1" rake to my truck and i'm pretty sure you would be happy with adding the Readylift rear block kit like i did.
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