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The rear block increase is cheap. the AAL will add about the hieght you need as well as prevent some of the sag when towing. I like the airbags (i have the firestones), but you wont want to use those to level the truck an inch because it will ride rough when unloaded, you will get a little height out of 10 psi in the bags but not enough to level. my suggestion is try the AAL and see how close it gets and how it does when towing (will add some stiffness to the ride). I know you said you only do a couple tows a month in the summer but if you do heavy towing then I would change my suggestion to a new rear block and airbags (it would keep the unloaded ride a little softer) or the aal and airbags (firmer ride). Depends on your likes. I actually like the ride to be stiffer but I'm weird (I have 5" blocks, AAL and airbags on my truck)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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