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Sway bar pins .... *&^$%*$* [Expired Topic]

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I replaced the shocks on my k1500 yesterday and noticed that one of the sway bar pins was broken. Started to replace that and then realized that job really sucks. ;-) Does anybody have a trick to replacing the sway bar pins without taking off the upper control arm? Its next to impossible to get that pin in place with the groumets and the sleeve on it, there just isn't enough room in there. Not to mention that the upper control arm is in the way. I did replace these once a couple years ago but recall then that I excersized every foul word I knew at the time.
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Not sure how that got posted by Sparky but that was MN_Burbon not Sparky.
I need to take a look at this when I get home this evening. I'll fix everyone's posts and etc.
Hey Mike.
I haven't actually done this before, but the manual that I have doesn't indicate anything about removing the control arms at all.
Here's what it says:

Removal & Installation:
1 Raise vehicle and support it securely with jackstands
2 Remove the nuts on the link bolts, and then remove the link bolts.
3 Remove stabilizer bar bracket bolts
4 remove stabilizer bar
5 remove rubber bushings
6 inspect all parts for wear and damage
7 When you install the rubber bushings on the stabilizer bar, be sure that the slits face the front of the vehicle
8 installation is otherwise the reverse order of removal. Be sure to tighten all fastener securely.

Your upper control arm should resemble a wishbone. It should be fairly easy to get at the top of the link bolt.

Let me know if I missed something.

Good luck :)

Boy I hope Steve gets this worked out soon. My posts look so plain without my avatar and signature. Just looks
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I will have to take another shot at this, buddy of mine says that he did his without even jacking the car up. The problem I have is that the space between the sway bar and the lower control arm is not enough to get the pin + washers + rubber bushings in between. And then to complicate it a little more the pin is so long that to go bolt on top and put the pin in, the upper control arm is in the way of putting the pin in straight. I must be doing something wrong but don't have another shot to look at it for a couple days. THanks for the tip though, (I agree on the site status, kinda lost it's luster for the moment, I am sure that Steve is working on it though)
a second jack can help, but a portapower is perfect if you are having that much trouble. with a bottle jack jack sway bar up put the links in and lower the sway bar in place. the portapower is easier because you can put it in between sway bar and lower control arm.
but the easiest way is to jack the truck up from the center with nothing under control arm and let control arm go down then remove link and replace. lower center slowly on jack to get link in the lower control arm, bolt everything together and your done.
Thanks for the tip, Haven't had time to get back to it yet but hope to this weekend. Also going to try and start my replacement center console this weekend ;-)
Keep us updated on your console progress, please.

At the risk of giving you more ideas to do to your 'burban (which wouldn't be a bad thing, would it?)
You might want to check out most of those guys & gals are putting computers in their cars (one of my future plans) but you might find some ideas for center consoles in there from what others have done. Very talented people over there.
funny you should mention mp3car I have been lurking in the shadows on that site for about 2 weeks and yes it's already gotten me in a bit of trouble. I am testing a custom interface now between my gps software and media engine for the front lcd in the console ;-) Sounds like you and I are pretty much in synch there Patrick.
cool cant wait to see how your console looks. looked at my post and just relised something.
jack truck up and put jack stands under cross member then you have control arms hanging down and can use your floor jack to raise and lower as needed your lower control arm. also if you remove tires it will make the whole job easier, more accesable
Not to get totally off subject here, but I've been surfing the site to see if there is away to gut my existing radio and rewire the buttons to an Ipac, to control winamp (got that info today). Now if I can just find a way to get song title info piped into the old radio display, I will be all set for a little while. (very little while) :wink:
How is that Ipod project coming?
I haven't had time to even work on it. Lifestyle went topsy turvy, with new baby, wife going back to work, my work hours changed. My poor lawn is suffering for Starting to look like something out of a jeff foxworthy spoof, "you can barely make out the 'burban's roof marker lights throught the ten foot tall grass". (it's not really that bad.)

I was starting to think you dropped off the board. How've you been?
Kinda got stuck doing work stuff, Kids have started their fall schedules, I will always be here lurking somewhere. Hope to be back around a little more frequently now that we have schedules figured out. Still working on that center console (actually have some of it done). Too much great info here to stay a way for very long.
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