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System Build Log ~ Sound System

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here the beginning of large sound system project

in the coming days there will be about 10 more pics

btw, this board, amps, and wires alone came in at 117lbs


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Those 3 12's must be awesome in that box, how many watts are you running for all 3? Looking forward to the rest of the build:great:
lmao as an extra bonus when i opened my conduit and zip tie box i found another amp that i thought i got rid of. its an old school 200.2 jbl amp matching series to my 1200.1 mono block. i want to keep the weight down in the t-bird but if i change my mind i have 4 more amps a 10 and a 12w7. all i need is more loud speakers. or i can just get even more loud speakers for the suburban. i wouldnt mind having 2 more 5 1/4 components and 2 of planet audio's 8inch mid drivers.
You can never have too many speakers :rules:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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