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system for 06 extended cab 1500

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What am i supposed to do to when i install a new head unit, and also does anyone have any ideas about setting of a decent system inside my truck and still keeping all my seats!? please send me a private message thanks!
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Plenty of options for a HU in your truck. About the only thing you need is a harness to keep your door chimes, onstar, steering wheel controls, etc. Everything else is fairly basic, at least as far as a custom stereo goes.

I'd check out Crutchfield. Lots of vehicle specific info for all of their stuff, including what you might need to get everything to work. They even have some custom enclosures, one that fits under the 2nd row seats for a lof of our trucks.
Here are a few options as far as sub enclosures I got my box from them and love it!

Also MTX makes a subwoofer box that fits under your seat also!
I have a subthump box with two 10" solobaric that has the silverado logo on it. Im very very happy with the box and how it sounds A++++ well worth the money fas shipping too!
I have a regular Sony deck, JL Audio speakers in all doors, and the bass coming from two 10" subs and an amp. We drive the same truck, and these two separate boxes are perfectly hidden under the bench, and the bench folds down smoothly!
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I bought a box for my car from subthump and it was awesome. :great:
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