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Okay, so I'm having trouble with my 1995 Suburban (350, RWD). Besides the issues 3 of the door handles and/or locks...

Roughly 70% of the time when I'm on the freeway the tachometer jumps all over the place. Drops down to 2k, jumps up to 4k, hovers for a couple seconds around 3k, etc. Has little to nothing to do with the position of the throttle. Does it in cruise control as well as when I'm just maintaining speed without CC.

The transmission also sometimes doesn't go into overdrive. And sometimes it kicks so hard shifting from 1st to 2nd that you'd swear you'd just been rear-ended. I'm not sure if these symptoms are related. The overdrive issue is the newest symptom. The kicking is the oldest (a couple months). I described they symptoms to my brother (a veteran auto repair technician) and he said it sounds like a bad ignition module. Trouble is he's a ways away and I can't afford to take it all the way to him and pay him to do it. I like repairing my vehicles myself when I'm able. I did a FULL rebuild of a motorcycle a couple years ago, but that was a simple setup with a basic carburetor, naturally aspirated, two cylinders, and 2 plugs & 3 valves per cylinder. The most I've ever done with this 350 is changing belts and oil/filter. I really have no idea where to start with this. With the bikes I've worked on there are publicly available parts diagrams on every parts site. But the ones I've tried so far for this truck don't seem to have any. Makes it pretty tough to get my head around the problem and figure out a solution.

Looking around online I see ignition modules in the $60 to $90 range. Is there just one? Again, this was always clear on the bike parts sites. Doesn't seem that clear on the car parts sites.

Any troubleshooting advice or ideas or general direction/instruction would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!!!!

- Jon
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