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Tahoe used as the getaway vehicle!

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Please note, one of my co-workers (who is Jewish) showed me this video and was laughing hystericaly.

(12/25/06 - KTRK/HOUSTON) - There was another case of holiday vandalism and this time, it was caught on surveillance video.

The incident happened near Chimney Rock and Braeswood in southwest Houston. Someone cut the Dreidel just a week ago, so the homeowner decided to set up a surveillance camera. And Sunday night's vandalism was caught on tape.

In the video, a man can be seen jumping out of a Chevy Tahoe slashing an inflatable Menorah and bear and then speeding away. The homeowner says he has no idea who is responsible, but he is certain that vandals targeted his home because his decorations are for Hanukkah.
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People are twisted
I think my co-worker hates all inflatable yard art, he said that he should have come back and killed that inflatable bear.
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