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Tailgate Cap on tail gate of 2008 nnbs silverado where can i find the smooth cap?

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i just need someone who knows where i can find a tailgate cap to replace the factory one. thanks, jake
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Thanks, man
thanks for the info guy's..
Hey guy's i ended up buying the Buschwacker OE style tailgate cap for 42$ so not bad at all. Also i went ahead and bought the AMI Big Stick Antenna in gloss black the 9 inch one and will be getting rid of the stock flimsy one. I also went ahead and bought the Recon L.E.D. tailgate light bar the 60 inch has all the features along when you put it in reverse the red led's turn white. Hopefully everything will be in next week and since there simple mod's will all be done within a hour or two.
It's thicker than the factory antenna but the factory antenna is way more flimsy compared to this antenna. It says it helps the signal compared to the factory one but i will know for sure when it comes in this weeks or next week. I think the factory antenna is like 21 inches long the one i got is 9 inchs long so it should make the truck look a lil bit better also and i bought it in gloss black. I bought it from it's made by AMI i got it for 37$ so not bad of a deal at all.
yeah lol only 9 inches not 9 foot lol biggest size they have is 21 inches which is stock height. Idk why they call it the big stick i guess because its thicker and since that is why it doesnt blow everywhere and flimsy like the stock one.
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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