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Tailgate up or down

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do you go faster with the tailgate up or down? i have a single cab silverado v8 5.3 fleet side and i just lost a race to another single cab 5.3 but its a stepside.
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you get a better mpg less, wind resistance with the tail gate down cause it acts like a
parachute :)
If your race is for acceleration,,, take the tail off, and loose your spare, jack,tools, 1/4 tank of fuel, tire pressure max. on front, get the front up.
If your racing for speed, tail up. The air pressure will build up inside and in front of the tail. Air over the cab will not drop down so far and will ride across the air in the bed. There was a wind tunnel test on this. The air doesn't have to change directions so dramatically. I have not tested this. (in case any police are watching):happy:

Yah no kidding considering you got the famous pull me over red :)
pull me over red?

the color red on a truck gives yah a greater chance on saying morning or evenin to the boys in blue ...they like pullin over red vehicles alot more than any other color ... :)
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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