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Take a look at this tahoe!

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Here's an article about mud bogging. Get a load of this tahoe.
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Yeah that is definitely a Bronco, not a chevy of any kind.
Yeah, the article was misleading. Said it was a GM. :oops:
For sure man, the writer don't know what he is talkin about.
yep definitely a bronco, I'd say about a 1995 or a little bit earlier... ford suck anyway, they're nice and high tech sometimes but a lot of the time they break and are just near impossible to fix unlike GM which although GM uses older technology, GM stuff works for a lot longer and is a lot easier to get the right part for...
I haven't been out mud bogging or even off roading in quite some time. Might be due...
:) It's been raining here in DFW too! :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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