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Taking a door apart 99 Tahoe

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I'm replacing the rusted doors no my 99 Tahoe with ones that are perfect . The problem is when you take the trim panel off there is a component panel screwed to the door holding all the wiring , door handle assemly , and window regulator . AS I figure I have to break the 4 rivets off the regulator to get the componenet panel out of the way . Yes or no ? Has anyone done this that can guide me thru the procedure . I don't want to waste time or break something hard to replace .
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Your new doors dont have the internals in them (wiring, window regulators and such)?
To get the regulator and window tracks out yes you will have to drill out the rivets. Most of the window track will come out the top where the window usually sits.
Replace the rivets with short screws and nuts, use lock tight on the nuts so you dont have to go back in next month to tighten things again.
Thanks Tim . I haen't taken a door apart since the mid 80s , they've changed alot .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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