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1st - you used a relocation harness correct? or a t - harness with a module in it?

2nd - if im not mistaken, Sony Xplod recievers make 3 double dings when u shut the car off, now in your case whats probably happening is that the power isnt cutting because the radio and instrument gauge lights stay on till u open the driver/passenger door, which would mean the radio should saty on, but if you used the relocation harness the ignition wire to trigger the deck goes through a relay which imo is the stupidest thing in the world thats most likely ur problem,if so, just run some 16 gauge wire frim an ignition wire to the back of the deck, this way if u got an amp and sub/s u wont kill ur battery cus itll go off when u turn the key.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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