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Here is a photo of my ride, lovingly known as The Black Pearl. She was so named because she is the color of a wooden ship and she carries 7 members of my crew (wife and kids) and all of our stuff on adventures. So far we've been in the snow in Utah and all over the deserts of SoCal. Good times!

Her stats: 454, 4 wheel drive, 12 CD stacker, DVD, 5 video screens, aftermarket exhaust, K&N filter, alloy wheels and a lot of trail rash.

I would include more pix but what is point if they can only be 97kbs??? C'mon, that is rediculously small. The forum should be able to upload a handful of 640 x 480 images per post without a problem.


you can if you host them on photobucket and just copy and paste the image code
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