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The hits keep on coming...

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I did the radiator swap on saturday and it was no problem. I think me and my friend spent 45 minutes on the whole process.
However, now I have another problem. The truck has a cracked windshield that I'm going to replace (someday):happy: Its been pretty cold up here and I haven't been running the truck much. Today when I went out the entire windshield was covered in frost. On the inside. I did notice the other day that there were some water droplets on the inside of the windshield and I'm wondering if there is a problem with the heating system or if my windshield is causing the problem.
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it could be a normal thing ---condisation. if the crack is only thru the outer layer then no water can pass thru the plastic center laminate....mike
Thanks. I actually have another problem...big surprise. The truck normally runs at 210 but recently I have watched the temp gauge rise halfway to 260 (redzone) and then drop down to halfway between 100 and 210. I'm thinking that this could be a bad thermostat but wouldn't it just get stuck one way or the other? I think I'm spending too much money on this "luxury" oil tanker on wheels that I paid $800 dollars for and get stuck paying taxes for $3750. :sign0081:
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