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That's right and the members here are getting the heads up first!!!

The Level 8 MK6 is back in all of the popular sizes and finishes! Fresh inventory is unloading at the manufacturer as I type this and should be available at DTD warehouses by the end of next week (5/25)!

Want to pre-order?

Shoot us a PM with what you want and we'll reserve a set for you - here's what we will be stocking (minimum 10% deposit required):

16X8 6-139.70 ET0 Matte Black
16X8 6-139.70 ET0 Matte GunMetal
16X8 6-139.70 ET-10 Matte Black
16X8 6-139.70 ET-10 Matte Bronze
16X8 6-139.70 ET-10 Matte GunMetal

17X8 6-139.70 ET0 Matte Black
17X8 6-139.70 ET0 Matte Bronze
17X8 6-139.70 ET0 Matte GunMetal
17X8 6-139.70 ET-10 Matte Black
17X8 6-139.70 ET-10 Matte GunMetal

17X9 6-139.70 ET-12 Matte Black
17X9 6-139.70 ET-12 Matte GunMetal

NEED TIRES - DTD mounts and balances all tire and wheel combinations for no additional charge and yes, shipping is still FREE!
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