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the lost one has returned.

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finally after long last i have returned. and i have lots of work to do along with needing lots of info on the suburban. about to head to bed so ill start the relentless quest for information in the days to come.
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in turn my quest had been more like a daze, of which i walked almost in a sense of twilight. for the past almost 2 years the only way i have been able to do everything i did for the army was to nearly ignore most all emotion. now that im back im finding it hard to give the emotion i should to family members and what not. non the less they seem to be happy for now so i assume im doing something right. my son and his step mom say im not sleeping to good to the point they wont come near the bed room when im sleeping. ill have to get some sleeping pills to fully knock myself out. other than that the mud puppy was in dire need of some love. i have been putting about 6hours a day into it for the past 2 weeks and am currently up to $3500 in parts that it needed. thats to include the all new rims and tires. the engine itself though is a beast. fired right up after the fuel pump primed up. 0.00 leaks, and so far no noises. just from sitting it did get more corrosion than the past 5 years combined. the body still looks ok but the hood has hail damage and the undercarriage is going to need alot of work the summer. im going to be using alot of sand paper and welding in new metal. first thing is since i want to keep my ifs im going to add about 100lbs of 6000 heat treated steel in critical areas to increase structural stability. 3 body bolts sheared during the removal of the 3inch body lift, im thinking atm that i might make side off brackets to compensate. the a/c is still working but its a lil warmer than it should be. havent decided if i going to flush the a/c system or just recharge it. the anti lock light is on now, im not to worried since i disabled it anyways. with the bigger tires it never did work just right. already had some punks pump out around 40gal of fuel so now it has a 1/4 think plate steel door bolted, welded and jb welded(for a seal) to the side of the suburban. as for the rest of the week im changing out the front cv joints, building a sound system, and changing all the fluids.
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