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The odometer is acting strange [Expired Topic]

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When I drive on the highway and I use my turn signals the odometer jumps up and down. :roll:
Does anyone have an idea what the problem is.

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??? I've never heard anything like this happening before. What do you mean it jumps up and down? The numbers go higher and lower, or the contrast/brightness goes up and down?
Everything is electronic in the cluster, Fieros have a lot of problems with bad grounds and do a lot of things like this.

Try putting an extra ground from the battery to the engine and one from the engine to the firewall.

Electrical problems SUCK!. :evil:

Dam I can't spell. :oops:

:idea: Didn't you just change motors or something? :idea:

If you missed a ground or didn't get a good ground this could be the problem. :D
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Ok I will check every connection maybe I mist one. :oops:

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