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the rear deflector thats on top rear above 3rd brake lights [Expired Topic]

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i just noticed that there are some suburbans that have like a black rear spoiler type deflector on them that somewhat wraps around the 3rd brake light thats on the top rear end. if anyone knows what that piece is called or possibly the gm part number....or it may be something aftermarket, i dont know ,but if anyone knows the input would be more than appreciated thanks :?
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Two types of suburban rear-air deflectors

One style points down. This will deflect air downward over the rear-window to help keep it clean and dirt free.

The other style points up to act as an air dam to make towing a trailer more aerodynamic.

I think that the first type is an option on some packages. There are at least 100 companies selling those aftermarket.
I don't have either one on my truck.... Couldn't find either of the parts in the CK Resto catalog either.
There are quite a few different places that make and/or distribute those pieces. Some are the sports shops, some are trailier/camping shops. Get them online to save a considerable amount of $$.
steve: you know any places off the top of your head that sells this piece im inquirering about? i've looked everywhere, and i really dont want to go to the dealership to buy it. waaayyy too expensive there.
It's funny that you ask. I see them all over the place, so I just assumed that they're easy to get. I'll have to look a little bit.
Thanks for that Patrick, looks good. :)
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