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Theft Deterrent Idea Help

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I have a 2020 1500 and live in an area where GMC and Chevy trucks, especially push starts, are becoming increasingly popular targets for thieves. I'm interested in putting in a killswitch via the ignition/starter, but would likely have an installer do it as I'm not experienced enough with that type of work on my truck.

My more immediate idea is to pull an ignition/starter relay when I park but I don't know which one to pull. I want to avoid anything involving the fuel system or battery and have heard that a starter relay would do the trick.

Here is the manual for a 2020 1500. I think the one I need to pull is #36 as shown on page 368 but any help would be appreciated! I wish there was a fuse or relay in driver side fuse panel that would disable the truck but I can't find one.
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The best theft deterrent device I can think of off the top of my head is a manual transmission. These kids today have no idea how to make one work. A bit more expensive than your idea, so I'd go with what you have planned.
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