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Is anyone aware of a temperature controlled bypass valve that can be fitted to the OEM oil cooler adapter? With a form factor close to the existing bypass valves (.5" dia. x 1" long) would be very nice.

If your truck's like mine*, then you've got a "sandwich oil filter adapter" that diverts filtered oil to the radiator's oil internal cooler.
As a safe guard, the folks at GM designed it with two pressure controlled bypass valves. The first one opens based on filter pressure, and can direct unfiltered oil to the cooler. The second bypass sends hot oil back to the engine should cooler pressure become excessive.
Aftermarket sandwich adapters will send oil to your cooler, too; but, they have different layouts. Many have no provisions for bypass protection. Most send filtered oil to the cooler while others cool before filtering. A few offer a thermostatic bypass: During a cold start, the cooler is bypassed and doesn't return to duty 'till around 180 F. Check out car/truck forums and you'll see there are many opinions on how the ideal adapter should be configured. The idea of bypassing the cooler on cold starts appeals to me. Given a suitable bimetal valve, it shouldn't be too complicated to add another bypass to the OEM adapter.

Mine*: '93 C1500 5.7L (LO5) Burb with Z82 H.O. trailering PRO. Swap to Goodwrench Crate Motor (#12568758 - G35) in progress.
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