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This is my first post here. I am glad to have found this site as it is exactly my kind of place. I am a chevy man and always will be. Currently I drive a 2001 Silverado, my first truck.

I have been dealing with this problem for about 8 months now and I still cant figure it out.
Every time I turn on the turn signal, they both flash really fast and whichever way I am turning, the opposite signal is real faint. I am really surprised I havent been pulled over yet. Now you are probably thinking its just a burnt out bulb or a wrong bulb, but I have checked. They are all correct.
Now if i honk the horn, I get no sound. Instead both my turn signals light up faintly. So I havent had a horn in a while now.

There is two possible causes to all this.

I wrecked my truck just before all of this started happening. Spun on a patch of ice going down the freeway at 70, bounced the right front and right rear corners off the median wall. They replaced the headlight fixture, radiator bracket, grill, both bumpers, and rear panel of the bed.

Also about the same time as the wreck (xmas since you asked) i got an ipod interface for the stereo. When I ran the wires, I ran the ground and relay over the top of the gauge cluster to the fuse box and the hot wire to the stereo.

After I got the truck repaired is when the problem started. At first it would just be working just fine... and then next time I drive the problem was there. After about 3 months it really started to get more and more on the problem side till one day it just stayed there.

So I figure I have a short somewhere. I thought maybe since I ran the ipod wires over the gauges and they were resting on the turn signals that maybe they were the problem but I rerouted all of those wires and nothing improved.
But I did notice that when i popped my dash board off, the problem would disappear for an hour or so before returning.
This summer while on a long drive and thinking about my turn signals. I started thinking about why the horn was involved and maybe it was the wreck. I had a quality collision center work on the repairs so I didnt think they would mess up, but maybe when they had it all apart or in the wreck itself wires got crossed and eventually stayed that way. So I tried chasing the wiring down. I never could find the horn, but I know its on the front down low somewhere. I never saw anything that looked like a short. I tried pulling fuses of all the related systems and they all checked out ok. I showed the problem to my brother in law and he suggested the master switch has gone out. I dont know what the master switch is or what it controls but it is an option.

Anyways, all that said, I would like to hear your opinions of what you think might be the problem.
sorry if this was a long post.
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