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I just wanted to post for those who do NOT have cruise and would like it for less than $150.00.
I purchased from a company called M & R electronics, also on Ebay.
I recieved the factory turn signal lever with cruise and all the washer settings.
It took about 3 hours(should be less, but I was scared crapless, to snip the tiny wires off the back of the 52 pin connector) and now I have cruise. Even the indicator picture on the dash lights up when on.
Instructions were specific for my 04 Silverado (so pics were accurate).
You are required to extend the wires from the new lever(4 easy soldier joints)
-remove a handful of underdash brackets (nothing scary)
and soldier the extensions into numbered wire in large plug.
-after the fella on the phone assured me these wires can be cut, then it was easy to snip them close to bracket and soldier and heat shrink.
The only one NOT to be cut is one large one that supplied other functions-for that I just skinned the coating off and soldiered from the side.
I am super pleased with the factory lever and look.
Just an FYI to non-cruise controllers out there.
P.S. I posted previously regarding if this would work and a couple replied concerning computer issues and it may not be as simple as a new handle and some wires.
There was nothing else needed other than as described above.
Thanks for listening, Mark

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I'm not sure how to answer that.
I do know that the supplied (new) cruise lever comes with a small 4 wire plug that you are instructed to cut of and, hence, add the supplied wire for length.
The locations that receive the extended wires are NOT simply plug-in style, what I mean is that the large 52 pin plug that they plug into has these grey release levers that seem to expose the inners of the plug. --**I was WAY too chicken crap to even think about that.
But being that the replacement handle has the plug, I did think that the mated plug would be nice to do all the "underdash work" and then bring plug up to steering column and plug her in.
Did I make any sense at all there??????????????
The way I did mine was pretty simple though
I would recommend it.
Makes a plain jane ol' pick up feel a lot fancier............Mark
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