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Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeves

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I brought my truck into the shop a couple of weeks ago to get an oil change since it has been way to cold out to do it myself. They told me my tie rods were bad, so last weekend we finally hit 50 and I decided to do it. The overall job wasn't bad. The thing is when I brought it in for an alignment they said the threads in my adjusting sleeves are worn out. I know this is very dangerous cuz if the tie rod falls out while driving I could be effed. The adjusting sleeves are not stock since it has a 4" Trailmaster lift in it. My gfs car just got totalled so we have to rely on my truck until I can park it at my dads and take his (hopefully really soon). Luckily I only drive 3 miles to work and she drives 3 miles to school.
After digging for a few hours and finally getting ahold of the old owner to figure out what kind of lift kit is in it, I found the part number for the sleeves CT10TRX. I really don't want to shell out $60+ for each one. I read on another forum that Trailmaster may have used an OEM dodge part and slapped their name on it. Anyone know if this is true or even better the part number to the dodge OEM part?
The adjusting sleeve measures 14.5" long.

Any help would be great, I want to get this fixed asap and not pay $120 just for adjusting sleeves.
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