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Tire size

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What's the biggest all terrain tire for the 20" wheel you can fit on a stock height sierra?
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I'd go with a 295/55/20 (33/11.5) or so but also a 305/50/20 (32.5/12)
I believe any tire bigger than 33" will require a wider wheel than the stock ones
which tires are you thinking about getting?
I've got 275/55/20 and There a pretty good fit. I payed 150 a piece from
Ok guys, here's whats going on.

Looking at the tuff country 2" leveling kit and toyo mud terrains 33x12.50x20; is this going to work? Per the tire shop it will work. Seems king of wide, but if l have to trim a little plastic no big deal.

Right now l have stock height with 275/55/20, l want some agressive looking tires which it should have had from the factory for a 4x4, go figure.

So let me know guys what u think and what u have on your truck.
those tires and size will fit fine on your truck and will look great with the leveling kit. Toyo MT are also a great tire
I just got a levelling kit put on my 04 Sierra and they cranked the front end 1 3/4 inches to level and was told by severall tire suppliers that the biggest I could run with no problems is a 285/75/16 on stock rims which is a 33" tire and a 11.5 section width
33's will put a big smile on your face, promise lol

Good pick
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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